Brand Scan

Sounding very technical this is simply us understanding you, your business and how you do business. It can be a very in-depth process or more high level depending on the work you are requiring us to do. If it is a personal website that we are delivering then this process can be very simple. 

For a business we seek to understand what you do and how you do it. This will involve you talking us through your processes and us possibly speaking to other key people in your business as well as some of the customer facing employees. This will confirm that what you believe happens is actually happening. As part of this we look at all your visuals including, amongst other things, logos, letterheads, business cards, vehicle livery, existing website and other digital media platforms. 


Branding Strategy

Once we understand your business and how it should and does operate, as well as the processes, visuals and customer facing outlets used, we can define a strategy. This can involve using what is already available, taking the best elements and combining them or starting afresh. 

The strategy ensures that going forwards a clear and consistent message is delivered across the business, by all employees, visuals, and through all customer facing touch points as well as to the employees themselves. A consistent strong and clear message reinforces your business and creates customer trust and loyalty as well as employee commitment. 


Logo and Branding

This is crucial when building your website and we will ensure that your existing brand is accurately reflected and used throughout the website from colours, fonts and of course logo to the actual style and layout of the website and the information it contains. 

Alternatively, we are happy, having gone through the processes above, to develop a strong, professional, easily recognisable and distinctive logo and brand. Your input throughout and sign-off to the end result is vital as this is your brand. 

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