The most widely used Customer Management System (CMS) in the world with stability and security your website has the right foundation with WordPress. Flexible and adaptable it can meet all your needs whilst at the same time creating a user-friendly website. 

WordPress has grown from its online diary for bloggers to being a 100% customisable open-source CMS platform that is used by millions, including large corporations, to deliver personal, business, portfolio and ecommerce websites in over 53 languages world-wide. 



If you are looking for an online shop, we are happy to add ecommerce functionality to your website using WooCommerce or SureCart that not only deliver all the functionality you require, but support a number of payment platforms. 

Coupled with an SSL security certificate and the visible padlock and https before your domain name, your visitors and customers can rest easy that the information they provide through your site is encrypted and protected. 



Your website is infinitely customisable from colours and fonts to images and overall layout. However, your website must always address the reason you have a website, to inform, help, sell or whatever your goal is. 

At BlueBoxCreations we also appreciate your website has to be affordable. We therefore seek a balance and provide what you need and not what can easily become an endless wish list costing many thousands. 

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