Search engine optimisation increases a sites visibility when people search in Google or other search engines. Given there are billions of searches a day in Google alone, then ranking high on search outcomes is a great result. 

You cannot pay a search engine to rank higher it is achieved through a combination of good content quality, use of keywords, website speed and responsiveness across all devices, structure, visitor engagement, links and user experience. 



Maintaining a website so that it continues to operate as required is very important. With all websites we have built we can provide a maintenance plan to meet your requirements. This can be a monthly review to ensure everything is up to date, secure and backed up, to us more regularly uploading and changing the content. 

Alternatively, you may wish to do this yourself and just call us in if there is a specific issue or for additional support and training as required. We will discuss all the options with you to achieve the right balance for you. 



Whilst SEO is something that cannot be bought, advertising, such as Google Ads can be purchased and used to generate more leads, increase sales and awareness of your brand. It does need to be focused to ensure those you reach are your target market. 

There is also social media, including advertising on Facebook, and email marketing. We will make sure your website and social media are all linked and can help you set up specific pages for your business. 

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