Web Design



Agreeing the basic structure, number and type of pages, the wireframing can now be as simple as using pen and paper to draw the proposed layout indicating the location of text, images, forms and buttons with annotations for the fonts and colours to be used. 

Alternatively, software such as Adobe XD or Figma can be used to mock-up pages and provide a very accurate representation of the intended website. BlueBoxCreations also has examples of various websites that we share to help the design process. 

You are able to support the process by sharing links to, or screenshots of, elements of other websites you like. This will give us an idea as to the website you are looking for, very much like a mood board. 


UI Design

UI design is critical to a website as it is how a visitor (customer) interacts with your online presence. Do all the links work? Is it easy to move around the website, to other pages and information that the user is looking for? Is it simple to get in touch? Where are the contact details? 

A good user interface will enable a visitor to your site to very quickly locate and view the information they require. It will allow them to get in touch, purchase a product or place an order quickly and without too many clicks and visits to numerous pages. 


UX Design

UX design is all about the visitor experience and how the website makes them feel. Whilst this experience is impacted by UI design, UX design includes the visual appearance, colours, fonts, images and animations on the website. 

Is the site easy on the eye, does it excite the visitor and catch their imagination? How websites do this and whether it is appropriate for your website is all part of the design process. It also has to be balanced with the core reason for the site but a good user experience enhances the likelihood of a sale. 

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